Truckload Logistics Management Supports Two Important Shipping Functions

Truckload shipping is the process of hauling a full semi-trailer of freight at a time. The freight consists of an entire shipment of one company’s products. Companies that do not ship enough product to fill an entire trailer commonly use less than truckload shipping. This method makes use of multiple carriers which combine freight loads and split the total shipping cost. Less than truckload or LTL shipping is a very good solution for smaller companies that simply cannot meet the freight load requirements for a semi-trailer. Full truckload shipping or TL has many benefits that make it the more desirable choice for many companies. These benefits include decreased delivery times, minimal warehouse charges, and reduced freight handling. Determining the best carrier and route for a shipment is not as simple as comparing rates between carriers. It involves much more and companies that use this type of shipping often have to use specific software or hire a third party to help manage this aspect of their business. Truckload logistics management is a very detailed process and understanding the two aspects that it consists of will make it easier to choose how to handle the task.

Truckload Logistics Management: Performing Freight Optimization

A very large determining factor for shipping cost is the type of freight being shipped. Companies that ship refrigerated products need a carrier that has the appropriate trailer. Products that are safety hazards must be shipped by someone licensed to handle them. Freight optimization takes these considerations and many others into account to provide the best shipping options. The size and shape of the products along with how it is packaged all play a part in how the freight is shipped. Truckload logistics management analysis all these factors to determine the most optimal way to ship the product. By using software, your company has an unlimited number of carrier options for each shipment. Third party logistics providers only look at options that provide their own financial benefits. Using specifically designed software is more cost efficient, reliable, and allows complete control over all company shipments. Employees have all the tools necessary to choose the most rewarding shipping options for your business.

Truckload Logistics Management: Finding the Most Ideal Route

Knowing the best route for your product is another tough job when choosing freight shipping carriers. TL shipping is direct and involves no multiple pickups for other businesses or freight combining. Even with this great benefit, route selection is still very important. Traffic, road surfaces, and construction can all affect the timeliness of the delivery. Choosing the best routes ensures faster delivery of your product. Third party providers do take these factors into account, but make the decision for you. Software designed for truckload logistics management takes this one step further and allows employees to examine the routes based on these criteria. The biggest problem with using a third party to perform route analysis and other shipping functions is overpayment for work that can just as easily be done by employees. By using software with a great user interface, your company has all power in shipping decisions and can make choices based on company interests and costs.