5 Skills the Technical Support Reps of Your Logistics Management Software Must Have

The work of a logistics software provider does not stop at providing up to date technological solutions to its users. A software which matches the requirements of the industry it is used in increases the volumes that the users can handle, minimize errors & eliminate revenue leakages. The real test of the IT provider are its after-sales services. To handle the same, the logistics software provider should have a team of dedicated support reps to solve customer queries efficiently. This is easier said than done since, the software provider needs to build & train a team of support reps who have knowledge of both their IT solutions & the user’s industry. For maintaining a quality support staff they need to be trained to develop the following –

i) Listening Skills –

The rep should be able to listen, interpret & then act.

Listen to the executives of the LSPs. Understand their queries regarding entry of the fields & filing of documents.

Interpret the query & pinpoint the actual issue the user is facing. This can only be done via a good training & thorough understanding of the user’s domain.

The rep should be able to act on the same in a way that conveys intent to solve the issue & communication of the same.

ii) Problem Solving Skills –

This is where you can differentiate a rep who plainly follows a script & one who can actually solve real time problems. The rep should be able to empathize with the user & act on the issues he is facing regarding filing of documents in the software, report generation etc..

iii) Knowledge Sharing Skills –

The support rep should focus on empowering the user with knowledge of the usage of the software. This serves a dual purpose which are firstly the user understands the software better which gives him the feeling that the software is more user friendly & secondly so that there are not too many calls made on the same query.

iv) Follow-up Skills –

Follow ups can only happen when there is an organized & structured way of doing work. All queries cannot be solved on the spot however good the support rep may be. For this the query number has to be recorded. The tools that can be used to solve the same should be in place & the timeline the query should be defined as per its category. Along with this the rep has to assure the user & follow-up regarding the solution of his query.

v) Personal Rapport –

Here is where soft skills come in which is a core skill of a support rep. The rep should be able to handle all sorts of different users. The rep should be able to work under the pressure of solving a critical query of a user which affects his immediate business needs. It is the support team’s response in such situations that decide whether a customer is retained or lost. In such situations when a good personal rapport is built over a period of time with the user there is mutual understanding between the two. Thus both co-operate with each other to get to a common goal i.e. solution of the user’s issue.

Thus, it is of utmost importance to you that when you choose a logistics management software, you look into the support services provided by the company comprehensively. You can refer to current clients of the software provider to get feedback on the quality of the support provided to them. A meticulous research of the software providers services will only benefit your business in the long run.